“The easiest and fastest way to plan complex robot paths.”

Unifying and simplifying industrial automation

Calibration in Seconds

Precise Waypoint Teaching

Optimised Path Generation

Cycle Time Simulation

Integrated AI Model Builder

One Platform, Any Brand

Augmentus provides a common programming interface across all industrial robots and cobots. We support seamless integration of different robot brands and a variety of equipments from sensors, camera arrays, vision systems to grippers and much more.

With minimal effort, users can choose the hardware that will best suit their application, connect to Augmentus, and get started right away!

Universal Robot Collaborative Robot Support

Easy-to-use robot programming

Digitize workcells and calibrate in seconds

Users can either scan the work cell using their desired sensor or import CAD files to generate an interactive simulation environment.

Calibration of robot and virtual environment is then completed in under 30 seconds through our one-click calibration process.

Plot robot waypoints and paths on an iPad with a touch of a pencil

Automatically checks for:



Collision avoidance

Instantly run robot motion for previewing and fine-tuning

Integrated AI model builder and calibration

In-built AI builder

Augmentus simplifies AI training with our intuitive graphical AI builder interface. Through an iPad, users can annotate datasets with a touch of a pencil, train and build AI inference models, eliminating the need for powerful and expensive computer systems.

Intelligent motion

In-built AI modules enable fast and precise calibration between inference models and robot paths. Users can program dynamic robots that see the world in 3D for high-mix applications.

Plan complex robot trajectories in minutes across brands and applications

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