Intelligent Harvesting
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Intelligent Harvesting

Augmentus propels AI-robot adoption for agricultural harvesting and inspection processes in urban farms

Vertical Farming

Vertical farming is gaining its importance in urban and developed countries as we try to figure out how to have high production density while maintaining a low footprint. Compared to conventional manual harvesting process, due to the high initial setup cost, indoor farms take significantly longer time to yield profit and return on investment. Thus, automating repetitive tasks using robots are essential for vertical farms. With a no-code and rapid AI-robotics platform, vertical farms can now have a means to cost-effectively automate their harvesting, inspection and pollination processes.

The Problem

In Singapore, due to limited land resources, fresh fruits have to be imported from neighouring countries. However, imported fruits are generally expensive, sour and have unstable supply. Local startups have been working hard to solve those issues by developing proprietary agricultural technology to enable a sustainable local agricultural system from breeding to harvesting.

However, a key challenge present in automating urban farms is the dynamic and high-mix nature of agricultural processes. Fruits and plants grow randomly in regions that may be difficult to spot with conventional machine-vision systems. Hence, an easy-to-use and integrated system combining machine-vision and industrial robot programming is required in order to enable high-mix dynamic automation in urban farms. Conventional methods to address these challenges require a high-degree of integration from multiple solutions, making it time-consuming and costly to develop and deploy.

The Solution

Beyond an intuitive and no-code robot programming interface, the Augmentus platform also possesses an integrated artificial intelligence (AI) model builder that enables easy and rapid data annotation, and AI training. This enables robots to identify and operate on fruits and vegetables in 3D without the need for intensive integration and development costs. Hence, instead of budgeting hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire or outsource AI and robot engineers, urban farms can focus on their core competencies in optimizing agricultural design and output while having their existing manpower leverage no-code and rapid AI-robot programming to develop and deploy robotic systems cost-effectively.

Augmentus drastically reduces the cost and skill barriers for urban farms to adopt AI-robots, without any technical expertise.

The Results

With the Augmentus AI-robotics platform, urban farms can expect:

78% Manpower Reduction 45% Yield Increase

With the growing need for local food sources and support from organisations, this might be an optimistic start for innovative technology in agriculture.

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