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An Insider Look: Robotics Software Engineering at Augmentus

Published 05 Oct 2020

Pinxi Tan is a second-year undergraduate from the National University of Singapore, studying a Bachelor of Computing in Computer Science. Pinxi has been working closely with the technical team since January 2020 as a software engineer intern, developing our prototype from a simple proof of concept to a full-fledged functioning product.

We sat down with Pinxi as he shared an insightful perspective of his internship experience here.

What made you decide to take up an internship at Augmentus, instead of pursuing alternative opportunities?
P: Robotics programming is a very niche area and I learned a lot from working in Augmentus. I strongly believe in our potential and that it solves a really big gap in the industry. As a very young startup, my contributions also felt very impactful as I helped shape the development of the app from the start.

Talk to me about your aspirations in the field of software engineering. What led you to this role in Augmentus and how does it fit along the lines of your career development?
P: I hope to work as a software engineer and the experience of working in Augmentus was very meaningful for me. Problem-solving was a huge factor, as I was working with technology and frameworks that I was unfamiliar with, and yet had to devise solutions to address issues we faced. Being able to demonstrate to clients alongside the development process was also a unique experience I wouldn’t have gotten outside the workplace, as the process of managing client demos and feedback made the development process a lot more dynamic and user-driven.

What advice do you have for value-adding to the thriving team of a growing startup, from your experience with the technical team of Augmentus?
P: Communication — do not be afraid to voice concerns or new ideas, everyone thinks differently and often your suggestions can bring in a new perspective or approach to the development process.

Ownership — take ownership of your work and be proactive with new solutions and improvements, as it’s a very big project and a small team. If everyone takes ownership and communicates well, the development process is fast and many features can be developed and tested concurrently

End-user — focus on the users as much as the technology. Know and understand the user’s requirements and structure your product entirely on that, not on what’s the latest or most popular technology.

What advice do you have for future members of our team?
P: Programming and software engineering is a highly saturated industry. Find what you enjoy and know what you want to do in the future. Don’t simply jump onto new popular frameworks or languages just because everyone else is doing so, if not you won’t go far in the industry.

Thank you Pinxi for sharing your fruitful learning experience with us. Stay tuned to hear more from our interns!

If you’re a flexible problem solver and able to think critically on your feet, we would love to welcome you on our team!



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